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The Shift

December 30th, 2009

If you read Wei Wu Wei's books, sooner or later you ask the question, which is stranger, his synthesis of the Buddhist view of reality, or how we fill reality defending the lie truth

is false? It is no accident that we are firmly entrenched in our defense of what we insist reality is. Amnesia successfully shields us from the possibility that what we defend as “the truth” is false, and that what amnesia keeps out of mind, successfully, is the truth. What comes into focus is the growing awareness that the defense of what we refer to “the truth” is “The Main Event.” As long as your own amnesia works to obscure what the truth might be, you can't see that you are part of a vast team devoted to proving truth is false, or doesn't exist. This is what we do. Time is the venue for TAG, or “The Anti-truth Game.” As truth comes into focus, you identify that TAG is an index of the degree to which someone defends the lie truth is false, from some of the time, to all of the tim

e. The more this becomes transparent, the faster you identify the connection between our 'mental health' and where we are with the truth.

If time is the venue for the game of TAG, or the sum and intensity of what we do to pretend we can prove truth is false, then it should follow that those whose presentation indicates they are in sync with truth should display what we refer to as “good mental health.” In fact, low TAG individuals, who don't fill time 'at war with truth,' come across as objective (awake), rational, non delusional and appropriate. Conversely, the high TAG individuals display increasing 'mental instability,' the more they fill time defending the fiction it's possible to prove truth is false.


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December 11th, 2009

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The problem with truth, so to speak, is that, apparently, it is 180 degrees out of phase with what we insist it is. There is what the truth is, and then there is what we do as a team to defend what we insist it is. Waking up includes making the shift from what we insist it is, back to what it is, so we can look at how we work as a team to defend what we insist it is. I call this process “The Recovery Process.” This is the work I do now: I assist individuals to reconnect with the truth so they ca

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n identify how they fill time pretending they can prove truth is false. Suffering is the clue it isn’t possible to prove truth is false. The evidence mounts that there is a huge connection between truth and our determination to prove truth is false. How much do we suffer by defending the fiction we can prove truth is false? How much do we use suffering as proof for the fiction truth is false?

It makes sense to dismiss Wei Wu Wei’s synthesis of the Buddhist view of reality because it is 180 degree out of phase with the view of reality the majority of us defend as “the truth.” He gets to be called ‘that crazy man,’ or that ‘iconoclastic heretic,’ or whatever epithet works to ignore the possibility that what he has to say has to do with the truth. The truth is, we don’t want to know what the truth is. The truth is we hate truth because it always obligates us to revise views we treat as sacred, like the sun rotates around the earth. When Copernicus said this

wasn’t true, he almost lost his life for challenging the prevailing view of truth. As I write, the haploid collider at Cern intends to smash particles to look for the Higgs Boson, a particle given the nick name of “The God Particle” because, if found, it will result in a single equation that explains the ‘mechanics of the universe.’ We are on the threshold, perhaps, of finding the elusive, “Unified Field Theory” that has escaped description, so far.

Truth exists outside of current imagination because truth and imagination are part of a single process. Imagination expands the more truth reveals itself, and the more truth reveals itself, the faster imagination expands. Right now, imagination is waiting for the next shoe to fall. Historically, this is another moment of ‘breathlessness’; part fear, part hope, and part suspicion that we have a date with truth, no matter how much truth runs the rate at which it reveals itself to us. We are suspended in time, waiting to discover why we are only right about something for this moment in time. Surely most of what is ‘right’ today, will be exposed as false soon enough.


Early Warning Signs

December 2nd, 2009

“The Recovery Process”

(TRP) describes what it takes to wake up. Waking up happens when you shift from from who you pretend to be, back to the truth of who you are and can only be. You are always who you are, and time displays the degree to which you dismiss who you are in order to defend who you pretend to be. Since we can only be who we are, everyone is eligible to wake up. This is the good news because waking up makes it possible for you to identify that suffering is the consequence of defending who you pretend to be.

What stands between who we are and who we pretend to be is the lie we can be who we pretend to be. Our level of suffering reflects the degree to which we defend the lie we are who we pretend to be. TRP, or waking up, makes it possible for you to realize that suffering goes with defending the lie you can be who you pretend to be. The proof for this is testable: suffering declines the more you surrender to who you are, and expands the more you defend the lie you can prove you are who you pretend

to be.

What stands between who you are and who you pretend to be is amnesia. Amnesia obscures who you are so you can defend who you pretend to be. Defending who we pretend to be is ‘the no win game’ we get to play with truth in the course of our life. Waking up is possible because we can’t defect from who we are. Amnesia services the lie defection from who we are is possible so we can defend the fiction truth is false. Everyone is only at war with truth, and amnesia relegates truth to the back of the mind. Everyone is free to wake up, but waking up depends on where we are with the truth of who we are, the intensity of our amnesia, and the degree to which we defend who we pretend to be.