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The Dynamics of Suffering

February 21st, 2010

According to Wei Wu Wei, understanding begins and ends with the realization that mind is all there is. There isn't mind and a thousand other things to understand: there is only mind. Even if you doubt this, the utter simplicity of this 'assumption' is attractive. Instead of exploring plurality, or the many, you get to explore the workings of mind, including how it fills time with the fiction called “plurality.”

According to Wei Wu Wei, all roads take us to mind as the ultimate

subject of all phenomena. There is no two, no duality, only mind, the one, filling time with a fantasy featuring the concept of two, or mind and 'not mind,' as if 'not mind' isn't mind in disguise. Mind is always mind, and mind fills time with a drama we can refer to as 'not mind,' which identifies how mind features us as the agent for the 'not mind' parody. The goal of 'waking up' includes the shift from the fiction of 'twoness' (d

uality) back to the truth of oneness, and how mind features us as the vehicle for the 'not mind' parody. The progression is from mind as the source of everything, to how mind features us engaged in the 'not mind' parody, and back to the truth that mind is the source of everything.

“The Recovery Process” begins, therefore, with mind, since mind is the author of the 'not mind' parody. The question is, how does the absolute, or mind, feature us creating duality to engage in “The Defection Parody (TDP),” which is what the 'not mind' parody is all about. How does mind feature us pretending defection from it is possible, when it is all there is?


Playing the Game With Truth

February 6th, 2010

What left me speechless when I read WWW's “Open Secret” was that I knew, almost instantly, that he was talking about truth; that it exists, and that it dove-tailed with my unconscious suspicions about it, and that the apparent disparity between what we defend as “the truth,” and what truth might be, punched a huge hole in what I defended as “the truth.” It was clear that truth, as defined by most of us, is only a tiny slice of what consciousness includes, to the degree we occupy “The Small View” of reality which is at odds with “The Big Picture,” which we dismiss as false, non existent, or too “unscientific” for any serious discussion.

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Consciousness includes “The Big Picture,” which we can abbreviate as TBP, from now on, as well as “The Small View” (TSV) of TBP we defend as “the truth.” Consciousness is TBP+ TSV, and time displays how we dismiss TBP with amnesia, which manifests as living in a trance that defends TSV as “The truth.” If truth includes both, and we dismiss half of the equation, then no one is ever consciously in touch with the truth about reality. When you wake up, what comes into focus is how everyone rejects TBP in favor of defending TSV of reality. This can't be obvious when you are doing the same thing, too. Waking up is all about expanding into consciousness to shift from TSV to TBP so that you get to explore the equation in its entirety.