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The Big Picture

April 26th, 2010

If, as Wei Wu Wei says, right now is the dream mind is dreaming, and that is true, then “history” is what mind is dreaming in the context called 'time,' which, allegedly, began with “The Big Bang” some fifteen billion years ago. Mind hatched this dream with “The Big Bang,” featuring 'the unfolding universe' as the center piece in this dream. Without the creation of time, there is no space in which 'events' could unfold as “history.”

“The Recovery Process” is a dreamer to dreamer encounter in this dream. One of the two must be awake in the dream, or awake enough to discuss the dream objectively, in order to assist the “client” to identify how it treated events in the dream as if they were real events outside of the dream. If the dream is always what right now is, then the dream included the events the dreamer in the dream kept in place as not only 'real events,' but the events that damaged a real person. If “history” is the dream mind is dreaming, then the dream included those events, the dreamer in the dream, and the dreamer in the dream using those events in the dream to dismiss truth by pretending it can be replaced with the fiction a real person was damaged by real events.


Wei Wu Wei says, repeatedly, it's an all or nothing proposition: either the dream is always what right now is, and 'everything' is content in the dream, or nothing is content in a dream. Waking up features the dreamer in the dream retrieving how it keeps old, usually negative, events in the dream real to use reiterated suffering to anchor the fiction a real someone has a real self, and reiterated suffering is sufficient to prolong this fiction in the dream. The so-called “pain body” is what a dreamer in this dream relies on to defend the fiction a real person is 'damaged.' If right now is only a mind generated dream, then there is no one to be anything, including 'damaged.' The lie the self is real depends on the lie reiterated 'bad feelings' are sufficient to prove someone has a 'damaged self.' If this is a dream, and there are no people, only dreamers featured defending the fiction they are people, usually with reiterated suffering, then waking up can occur when a dreamer identifies how it converted “negative events” in the dream into the story it occupies that it was damaged by real events in reality.

The Critical Moment

April 21st, 2010

When you are stuck in the fiction someone has a history, you scan their history to detect what happened to damage their self. A huge percentage of us live in the story we were damaged by ‘bad events’ in a ‘bad past.’ This is expressed as a ratio between our memory of ‘the good’ and ‘the bad,’ with a net gain conclusion about ‘our life.’ If ‘the‘bad’ is greater than ‘the good,’ time features us firmly entrenched in “The Victim Parody,” possibly for the duration of our life. We all know, without knowing exactly why or how, who is living the life of ‘the victim.’ The lower our awareness, the less we see what we are witnessing is a parody. As awareness expands, what seemed obscure, comes into focus as totally transparent. It shows up in the language we use to decorate the parody we occupy. It shows up in body language, posture, gait, and fluidity. It shows up in our narrative about the view we hold about life in general, and people in particular. Once we

lock into the victim parody, it runs perception, action, drama, feelings, and ‘choice,’ like who can we marry that will complement the drama we occupy.

Wei Wu Wei makes it very clear that ‘history’ is what mind is dreaming. What most of us refer to as “events” are actually content in the dream mind is dreaming. If mind is all there is, then history, in its entirety, is what mind dreamed, including huge events dreamers, posing as people, discuss as real historical events outside the dream mind is dreaming. The dream mind is dreaming is what “history” is, including the timeline we refer to as “history.” The shift from the fiction people have a history, to the truth dreamers have a ‘history’ in the dream, comes into focus slowly, usually with a sense of incredulity.

The Creation of the Self

April 15th, 2010

If it is true that right now is the dream mind is dreaming, and everything in the dream can only be content in the dream, then there is no one to have a self. When you know that's a fact, you wake up in the dream. As a dreamer in the dream, you are free to identify how the dream featured you assembling the self you use in the dream to play the part of 'some kind' of a person, somewhere between a self that is okay or not okay, and everything in between.

Once you know how you filled time in the dream defending the lie the self you invented is real, you are free to watch the way all the dreamers in this dream do personhood believably with the invented self. No dreamer in this dream can play the part of a person without the invented self. TAG, or “The Anti-truth Game,” features how the dreamers use the invented self to drag out the fiction they are some kind of a person in this dream. No one has a self at risk; what's always 'at risk' in this dream is the lie the self is real. Each dreamer fills time defending the lie the self they invented is real to defend the lie they are a 'real person' in this dream. Since the lie the self is real is always 'at risk,' the dreamers, posing as 'real people,' are very defensive about the self. This is both justified, since the self they defend

is used in this dream to do personhood believably, and totally understandable. If right now is the dream mind is dreaming, then every day is another day to defend the lie the dreamer is a person because it has a 'real self.' Think of how much drama a dreamer creates in this dream in defense of the lie the invented self is not only real, it belongs to a 'real person.'

The Defection Parody

April 7th, 2010

Waking up takes the dreamer to the realization that 'everything' can only be content in the dream mind is dreaming. Nothing exists as 'something real' outside this dream because only the dream

mind is dreaming exists to 'go on,' or 'show up.' The dream mind is dreaming is always what 'right now' is, featuring 1) where 'the dreamers' in this dream are with that fixed fact, including the degree to which they 2) fill time engaged in defending the lie they exist as 'real people' outside the dream, as if the dream has an 'outside.'

If mind is dreaming this dream in its entirety, then nothing but this dream exists to 'go on.' Freely translated, 'right now' is the dream mind is dreaming, and it features 'the dreamers' mostly filing time 'defending the lie they can prove they are real people' in this dream. In the absence of people, this dream is a mind generated farce: the option for a dreamer in the dream to prove it is a 'real person' is zero.