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The Shift from the Truth to the Lie

June 26th, 2010

The non dual is non dual if it is true that mind is the dreamer of 'everything' taking place as “History.” History is a record of the dream mind is dreaming, featuring, as “the Main Event,” TAG, or the sum of all the ways mind dreams the dreamers filling time defending “The Master Lie,” that right now is real and not a dream, and that all the dreamers are 'the people' they impersonate.

Mind is dreaming “The Grand Parody.” What makes right now a parody is the fact it is what mind is dreaming, including TAG as “The Main Event,” featuring what it takes for the dreamers in this dream to defend the fiction they are 'the people' mind features them impersonating. Every dreamer in this dream, in potential, is eligible to wake up precisely because our status as dreamers in this dream exists as a fixed fact. 'Waking up' happens when a dreamer in the dream views TAG accurately as content in the dream mind is dreaming. This dream features the dreamers defending the fiction they are the people mind

features them impersonating with their particular personhood skit, showcasing 'the invented self' as the centerpiece in this dream.

The Invented Self

June 18th, 2010

The dream features the personhood skit each dreamer uses in “The Grand Parody” mind is dreaming to play the part of a ‘real person’ in this dream. The skit the dreamer occupies in this dream showcases how the dreamer relies on the invented self to play the part of a person in this dream. No dreamer can play the part of a ‘real person’ in this dream without the invented self. Waking up in the dream makes it possible to identify the skit you occupy to showcase the self you require to do personhood believably in the dream.

If you watch children closely in this dream, you can identify who is and who isn’t skitless. A dreamer is skitless in this dream when it displays no investment in feigning being a person. It is a dreamer in this dream, not featured yet assembling the skit it will occupy to do personhood believably with the invented self. They are dreamers in this dream, content to be exactly what they are. There is no ‘self consciousness.’ They laugh and sing and play with no preoccupation with portraying being a specific someone.

Mind is What Non-Dual IS

June 7th, 2010

Wei Wu Wei makes it very clear, either everything is content in the dream mind is dreaming, or not: you can’t have it both ways, assuming someone existed to insist that’s possible. Either mind is the ultimate subject of ‘everything’ manifesting in this dream, or not, and if not, then there is no such thing as duality.

In working with clients, ‘waking up’ takes place in the dream because if right now is the dream mind is dreaming, then ‘the client’ is a dreamer in the dream, featured in “The Grand Parody” mind viagra 100mg is dreaming, filling time defending the fiction it has a self, probably one that is ‘damaged,’ and delivering the defense of this fiction while playing the part of a less than okay person.

This is all content in the dream mind is dreaming, and when you begin to wake up in the dream, truth comes into focus, sometimes quite suddenly, that the dream is on, as usual, and that it features dreamers vigorously filling time defending the fiction the self they have is real, in defense of the fiction the dreamers are real people.

In “The Grand Parody” mind is dreaming, this is “The Main Event” in this dream. Dreamers, in the guise of people, firmly entrenched in the defense of “The Master Lie, that ‘THIS’ is real and not a dream, refer to this as “ego madness.” The last thing they want to know is that the fiction right now is real rides on the fiction someone actually has a self. What makes “The Grand Parody” mind is dreaming a parody is that the defense of “The Master Lie” is “The Main Event” mind is dreaming. If ‘everything’ can only be content in the dream mind is dreaming, then the dream mind is dreaming features “The Anti-truth Game,” or TAG for short, as the centerpiece in “The Grand Parody.”