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The Utility of Duality in The Grand Parody

July 28th, 2010

Truth is non dual, by definition, if mind is the dreamer of this fantasy called “reality” (by the dreamers, posing as ‘real people,’ in the dream). Form (content) is void (dream), which is a testimonial to mind’s outrageous ability to make a dream seem

‘this’ real, as in ‘right now.’ As we speak, dreamers called ‘physicists’ are featured exploring how nothing can manifest as something (the ‘physical universe’). Does mind intend for them to unravel that aspect of this dream? Consciousness includes all ‘the secrets’ mind will reveal in the course of time, which is the dream unfolding as ‘one discovery after another.’ The dream features what the dreamers retrieve at the rate they do in the dream.

A key sign that a dreamer is ‘waking up’ in this dream occurs when it shifts from the lie right now is a ‘real reality’ to the truth — ‘right now is the dream mind is dreaming,’ featuring how ‘the dreamers fill time defending the lie nothing is content in this dream (TAG).’ This is “The Main Event’ in this dream. The dream displays all the ways mind features the dreamers defending the lie they exist as ‘real people’

outside the dream mind is dreaming. The defense of this lie requires the creation of ‘duality’ to divide consciousness (the dream) into what’s content in the dream and what’s content outside the dream.

The Mind Show

July 19th, 2010

The standard procedure for waking up is to move from output to input, from TAG (“The Anti-Truth Game) which features the dreamers in the dream creating duality in defense of the lie the dreamers in the dream are people. Duality starts with the fiction defection from mind is possible, which manifests as “The Main Event” in

this dream, and locks into place when mind features the dreamers accessing “The Standard Personhood Kit” to do personhood convincingly in the dream.

This is what makes the dreamers in this dream transparent: they are dreamers in “The Mind Show,” creating duality with “The Standard Personhood Kit (TSPK) filling time pretending it's possible to prove the dreamers are 'real people' outside the dream mind is dreaming, having 'real lives' in a 'real reality.' All of this takes place in “The Mind Show” and that is always exactly what 'right now' is. This is what comes into focus when a dreamer in the dream wakes up: it shifts from the fiction right now is real to the truth 'right now' is the dream mind is dreaming, which, when viewed accurately, is “The Mind Show.” All the dreamers in “The Mind Show” display exactly where they are with the fact truth is absolute: mind is dreaming every aspect of 'right now' as content in “The Grand Parody.” This is a parody because none of it has any more reality than content in “The Mind Show” mind is dreaming.

The Grand Parody Revisited

July 11th, 2010

If mind is the dreamer of this dream, then 'everything' can only be content in this dream, including the flow of 'events' that manifest in the dream. Form is void if 'everything' is nothing more substantial than the flow of events in the “The Grand Parody” mind is dreaming. Mind

reveals the architecture of this dream, or how it works, over time. It features 'physicists' and other 'scientists' whose job in the dream is to roll back another layer of how mind dreams 'everything' including 'the expanding universe.'

Mind seems to reveal its 'secrets' in an orderly way over time. Time is the carrier for the dream mind is dreaming. Two new 'insights' arouse the suspicion that “truth” isn't what we think it is. No one knows how much time will pass before mind discloses how it dreams this dream, and what it takes for the dream to cohere and manifest as apparent 'objects.' For centuries, Buddhists in the dream reminded us that 'waking up' includes seeing 'objects' as content in the dream mind is dreaming, and not 'things.' The shift from the lie 'objects' are 'things' to the truth 'things' are 'objects' in the dream mind is dreaming can happen in the blink of an eye, but as a rule amnesia works in the dream to regulate the rate at which dreamers retrieve the truth about 'things.'

Doing Time in the Dream

July 5th, 2010

The dream mind is dreaming divides consciousness into three levels of knowing. In truth, consciousness is a glissando of awareness on the dreamer’s part, from one with the truth, to filing time ‘trying to prove truth is false’ (TAG). At the input side of the equation, mind is the dreamer of ‘everything,’ just the way it manifests. Pure and simple, nothing exists outside the dream mind is dreaming. When a dreamer is one with this fact, it is awake in the dream. To be exact, the dream features the dreamer ‘awake in the dream’ mind is dreaming. ‘Right now’ is a mind generated parody because the dream features where the dreamers in the dream are with the fact they are ‘the dreamers in this dream’ mind is dreaming.

The second transform features the dreamers using “The Personhood Kit” to play the part of ‘real people’ in the dream mind is dreaming. Mind, in other words, is dreaming “The Grand Parody,” featuring how the dreamers use “ The Personhood Kit” to do personhood believably in the dream. TAG reflects 1) how the dreamer relies on TPK to do personhood convincingly in this parody, and displays 2) the dreamer’s level of devotion

to TPK, from low to high TAG, and everything in between. “The Grand Parody” reflects where every dreamer in this dream is with the fact ‘right now’ is the dream mind is dreaming, from awake in the dream, to deep in trance, relying on amnesia to keep truth obscure.