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Waking Up In Spite of Fear

November 29th, 2010

Of all the things dreamers keep in place as

proof for the lie right now is real and not a dream, is fear. It works because it feels awful, and the lie right now is real relies on the assumption that what feels awful must be real. If you scan where ten dreamers in the dream are with the fact truth is absolute, meaning nothing dreamers do in the dream has any chance to prove this is not a dream, you get to witness our addiction to the fiction fear, at least, is real, and can be counted on to give truth a run for the money.

The vast majority of us rarely get the opportunity to challenge the credibility of fear: we take it for granted that because we feel it, we must be ‘fearful people.’ It should come as no surprise that everyone doing ‘personhood’ in this dream works as a team to defend the fiction fear isn’t content in this dream: it is the sine qua non for ‘the real,’ and if you even allude to the possibility dreamers in the dream depend on fear to do personhood believably in the dream, you are persona non grata in a millisecond. The speed of this reaction should serve as your first clue that 1) everyone knows what the truth is, and that 2) dreamers have all signed some invisible agreement to defend the lie fear isn’t part of the dream. The truth is, it’s not only content in the dream, it works perfectly in the dream to dismiss the fact it is one.

One With The Truth

November 22nd, 2010

Wei Wu Wei is very clear about waking up; it is all or nothing. As long as a shred of duality remains, the dreamer is still featured defending the fiction it’s possible to prove it is a person while in this dream. The seeing of that is comedy. You can read about this on my latest entry on What makes this comedy is 1) everything ‘going on’ can only occur as content in this mind generated dream, and 2) because right now is the dream mind is dreaming, there are no people to be people. Reality, in other words, always displays where the dreamers in this dream are with the fact nothing can prove a dreamer in the dream is a person, not with duality, “The Defection Parody,” the invented self, story, memory, skit, or reiterated suffering. The dream is always what right now is, accurately displaying where all the dreamers in the dream are with the fact truth is absolute: nothing going on is, or can ever be, about people. When the dream features the dreamer in it, ‘getting that,’ it wakes up, viewing ‘filling time

defending the fiction right now is real’ as mind, the comedian.

Entities Looking for Identification

November 8th, 2010

Awakening, thanks to resistance, amnesia, trance and 'dumb down mode,' comes into focus slowly, as a succession of glimpses of the fact truth is absolute. Picture truth sitting silently with its arms folded, watching us fill time with duality to defend the impossible fiction that we exist outside the dream mind is dreaming. If there is no duality, then right now is always what mind is dreaming, including us relying on the fiction duality will successfully prove we are not content

in the dream, like everything else. Lucky for us, truth displays the patience of Job. This is an inside job because if there is no duality for real, then truth is Job. If truth is a metaphor for mind, the dreamer of this dream, nothing exists outside the dream mind is dreaming.