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About Compassion

December 21st, 2010

The more you wake up, the more you realize compassion makes perfect sense. All the dreamers in this dream deserve compassion because they try so hard to prove they are people, and they can only be dreamers in this dream, defending the lie they are people. They deserve compassion because no dreamer can prove it is a person in this dream, and time accurately displays how invested we are in the fiction a dreamer in a dream can prove it is a person. It isn’t possible to make the impossible, possible. Go ahead, forgive your ‘self’ for trying.

Compassion comes into focus after you identify how

you fill time defending the fiction what you do in the dream will prove you are a person, when it’s clear no dreamer in a dream can achieve that goal. The dream dictates that our status as a dreamer in this dream is a fixed fact. Everyone in this dream can only be a dreamer in this dream, displaying the intensity they bring to the fiction they can prove they are the person they impersonate.

Some Thoughts about Meditation

December 7th, 2010


In order for a dreamer in this dream to defend “The Master Lie,” that THIS is real, and not a dream, and that all the dreamers in THIS dream are the people they portray in the dream, it has to dismiss the fact it is doing all of this in the dream mind is dreaming. A dreamer can't know it is 'trying

to prove truth is false' while in the dream mind is dreaming and defend the lie it is 'the person' it portrays in the dream, simultaneously.

Mind dreams the dreamers dismissing truth (they are in the dream mind is dreaming) by engaging in “The Defection Parody.” The dreamers must defend the fiction they have no tie to mind, and that separation from mind is possible. If mind is dreaming everything, then mind is dreaming the dreamers creating duality, or separation from mind, to fill time defending the lie they are 'real people' who exist outside the dream mind is dreaming.