about01Dr. Gregory Tucker got his M.A. degree in Child Psychology and his Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from Case, western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He was in private practice in Cleveland, Ohio and Ketchum, Idaho for a total of 38 years, working with children, adults, couples and individuals.

About 15 years ago he ran into the works of Wei Wu wei, aka Terence Gray, who wrote eight wonderful books in which he deconstructed the Buddhist view of reality, ending up with a clear synthesis of their view of reality. He was an absolute, unrelenting purist. He could be arcane and abstract, but his message was loud and clear: truth is absolute, the relative is comedy, and everyone is immediately eligible to wake up. Waking up is reconnecting with who you are, and can only be, to identify how you fill time dismissing who you are so you can pretend to be someone else. Truth features the game we all get to play with truth.

About 15 years ago Dr. Tucker made the shift from traditional psychotherapy to his synthesis of Wei Wu Wei’s synthesis of the Buddhist view of reality. He calls this process “The Recovery Process,” which we can abbreviate as TRP. The process introduces you to “The Big Picture,” which makes it possible for you to know who you are, who everyone is, and how everyone fills time defending who they pretend to be. TRP does not expect you to believe truth, warehoused in “The Big Picture,” is the truth, only that it is there for you to play with, in order to find out how playing with it interrupts your usual ‘style of suffering.’ Clients who play with TRP report that humor replaces suffering, and life, viewed through the filter of TRP, is there to be enjoyed, directly.

Dr. Tucker uses Skype and camera to work with clients all over the United States. Feel free to contact him via email, doctuc@sbcglobal.net to discuss the process, openings, scheduling and fees. For reasons contained in TGP, this is not, nor can it be “Psychotherapy.” casino en ligne sans telechargement

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