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The dream, aka ‘right now,’ accurately displays where all the dreamers in the dream are with the fact they are dreamers in the dream mind is dreaming. The dream displays how much duality every dreamer in the dream creates to defend the fiction the self is real, and it belongs, therefore, to a person.

No dreamer in this dream can defend the fiction it is a ‘real person’ in this dream without the fiction the self is real. Defending the fiction the self is real is “The Main Event” in this dream because without that fiction mind can’t feature

the dreamers ‘playing the part of people in this dream.’

The problem is, if right now is only a mind generated dream, then there is no way the dream can include people, only dreamers creating duality to create the self they use in the dream to do personhood convincingly. The lie the dreamer is a person depends on the lie the self is real. The dream features


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