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The Default Setting

June 9th, 2011

If it’s true right now is the dream mind is dreaming, and there are no people, only dreamers

in the dream relying on duality to defend the fiction they are people, then every dreamer, on close inspection, relies on “The Default Setting” to sustain the fiction it is a person in this dream.

“The Default Setting,” which, in the name of brevity we can refer to as TDS, is what the dreamer reverts to in the dream to prolong the fiction the self is real. No dreamer in this dream can defend the fiction it is a ‘real person’ without relying on the fiction the self it invented is real. This is “The Dreamer’s Dilemma” in this dream. If the self can only exist as a concept in this dream, then how can any dreamer in this dream successfully defend the fiction it is the person it portrays in this dream? Obviously, mind makes it possible for the dreamers in this dream to drag out the defense of “The Master Lie” (that right now is real not a dream) with the fiction the self is real.


June 1st, 2011

If right now can only be the dream mind is dreaming, then nothing ‘going on’ has anything to do with people. The dreamers in this dream accurately display where they are between acceptance and rejection of the truth. If truth is absolute, meaning right now can never be anything any more real than the dream mind is dreaming, then nothing ‘going on’ has ever had anything to do with people. There are no ‘human beings,’ not if ‘right now’ can only be the dream mind is dreaming.

A dreamer is awake in this dream when it accepts the fact it can only be a dreamer in this dream, taking note of where it is with that fact from one moment to the next in the dream. When it lives with the fact ‘right now’ is what mind is dreaming, in its entirety, there is zero

duality: mind is dreaming everything just the way it manifests, including the dreamers, and how they create duality in the dream to defend the fiction they are the people they portray in the dream. In a state of perpetual ‘mindfulness,’ right now is the dream mind is dreaming, and everything ‘gong on’ can only be more content in the dream, including how the dreamers fill time ‘creating duality to do personhood believably in the dream.’

The D Scale

May 20th, 2011

What resides on the other side of amnesia is the fact reality is the dream mind is dreaming, featuring everything ‘going on’ as content in this dream. Once seen, it is clear ‘everything’ can only be content in this mind generated dream. Reality displays where every dreamer in this dream falls on “The D Scale,” in which D stands for duality. At zero D, the dream features the dreamer ‘awake in the dream,’ or flat with the fact nothing going on has anything to do with people because that’s not possible if right now can only be a mind generated dream.

Once it’s clear right now is only a mind generated dream, all the dreamers in this dream are transparent: each one displays how much it depends on duality to defend the lie separation from mind is possible. Mind is dreaming a charade featuring the dreamers defending the fiction duality will work to prove the dreamers are real people, having real lives outside the dream mind is dreaming. If mind is unitary and absolute, then mind features the dreamers relying on the fiction duality will prove defection from mind is possible. This charade mind is dreaming requires the fiction duality is real to give this charade longevity.

Another Look at Suffering

May 12th, 2011

There is a lot of suffering in the world. You don’t have to look too far to see it. If you suffer, you wonder why it occupies such a huge part of your life. You wonder what it would take to make it go away. Most people medicate — and learn to live with it, facing good and bad days. One day we are up and the next day we are down. One day we are happy, and suddenly, inexplicably, we are unhappy. We write this off as “mood swings,” and dismiss if as a “chemical imbalance.” The truth is, we not only live with suffering, we don’t want to know what suffering is all about. We avoid looking at the origin of suffering because we suspect, or almost know, that the exploration of suffering will take us places we avoid like the plague.

Charade Talk

May 2nd, 2011

When the dream features you awake, you realize the dream manifests as ‘reality,’ accurately reflecting where all the dreamers in the dream are with the fact truth not only exists, it is absolute. Right now, for example, is truth (the dream) happening as what shows up as content in the dream. Every dreamer in the dream is transparent because there is nothing else to be if right now is a dream. The dream reveals who is awake in the dream (often smiling and amused), who is waking up in the dream, who is in trance in the dream, and who is firmly entrenched in the skit they occupy in the dream to do personhood believably. The dream features “The Spectrum of Delusionality.”