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Why People Fight

July 2nd, 2006

Did you see the movie, “Why People Fight?” It looks for ‘the answers’ in all the wrong places. Most of the dreamers posing as ‘people’ had no idea why we fight. There are no people to answer that or

any other question. Only the dreamers in the dream know what fighting is all about, but they can’t tell us why because they are too busy pretending people are at cause for everything awful. If there are no people, this being a dream, the question isn’t moot: it is irrelevant. Only the dreamer can explain why we fight, and most of us ‘know’ that the answer to the question removes people from the equation for good. The dream features us fighting to pretend we don’t know that nothing ‘going on’ has anything to do with people. In this dream, our first priority is to pretend truth is false and our personhood charade is real. In this dream, we fight to defend the lie truth is false. If truth is fixed, permanent and non-negotiable, then we fight to defend a fiction as if it is a fact. In this dream, we ignore truth to prolong the lie we are the people we insist we are, and we obscure truth by taking it out on one another. The more we fight, the more we reinforce the fiction people are “warlike.” It’s all part of “The Human Condition.” We must be flawed. Perhaps the answer will be found in some obscure gene. Maybe we are just second rate creatures who possess intelligence but the inability to use it when it counts. Balderdash!

What irony! Peace is imminent, at all levels, everywhere, right now, immediately. In this dream, the price ‘we’ pay for peace is permanent concession to the truth that the dream is the context for everything, including dreamers who wage war in defense of the lie people exist, and dreamers who surrender to the truth there are no people to do a single thing, and no war, no matter at what level, ‘intra-personal,’ with dreamers defending the lie the self is real by hating the one they invented, or by keeping ‘others’ in place as people called “enemies,” is winnable. The dream is the context for this parody. The dream is what ‘right now’ is, and ‘everyone’ is a dreamer in this dream, mostly using time to prolong the fiction we are the ‘real people’ we insist we are. All wars show up in this dream as long as the dreamers refuse to admit they know there is no one to be, do, run, have, or control a single thing. All of that jousting goes on in the dream because the dreamers are at war with the fact that nothing they do will work to revoke truth.

No dreamer can deliver a convincing personhood charade without the creation of duality, the fiction that the one of something is divisible. The one of something isn’t divisible and the moment the dreamers admit they know that, the idea of separate selves fighting to cancel the constant will be exposed as “The Grand Folly” in this dream. This dream is a cliff hanger because most dreamers fill time with duality to prolong the fiction the one of something is divisible, and we depend on war to hide the fact we know the war against truth isn’t winnable. There is no such thing as divisibility if Mind is dreaming ‘everything’ just the way it manifests, including ‘the dreamers’ and where they are with this fact in the dream.

Every dreamer has the freedom to identify the degree to which it relies on the creation of duality to prolong the fiction of the separate self. Our status as dreamers in this dream is fixed, no matter how busy we are playing the part of a ??

?real person’ in this dream. To be awake in this dream is to watch the way this or that dreamer users the duality it creates to play the part of some kind of a person, either ‘inferior,’ or ‘superior,’ as if either skit has any chance to revoke truth in a dream. Only dreamers ‘exist’ to deliver their personhood charade in this dream, and duality is mandatory in order for the charade to achieve a high level of believability. The problem is, a dreamer can’t monitor its dependence on the use of ‘duality’ and play the part of a ‘real person’ convincingly. Resistance keeps truth out of consciousness to defend the lie duality is real. If the one of something can only be the one of something, then how can duality be anything but the backbone of the dreamer’s personhood charade? Mind plays ‘not Mind’ and the dreamers deliver the ‘not Mind’ parody in this dream.

The body can be counted on to provide the feedback when the dreamer is cranking up high levels of duality. At zero duality, there is barely any sense of being anything, just a dreamer in this Mind-generated dream, but as D goes up, the body registers our defense of this ‘unnatural’ state almost immediately. We are at-one-ment when there is no belief in the lie duality will prove we are the people we work so hard to portray in this dream. This can only occur in the dream when the dreamer owns the fact it knows nothing we do, no duality-based trick, including ‘war,’ will cancel the truth there are no people. You check the oil in your car: why not check your body for signs that, as a dreamer, you depend on high D to make your case for personhood. How busy are you keeping ‘others’ in place with negative stories, as if that will somehow prove they are ‘real people?’ In the absence of people, ‘judgments’ and all forms of ‘criticism’ and ‘correction’ are comical, often turning into horror in the extreme.

Can you imagine “The Grand Awakening” when the dreamers in this dream surrender to the truth there are no people, only dreamers filling ‘time’ with the defense of that lie, mostly with the aid of a trick called duality, and the silence of peace that would ensue once the dreamers recover the obvious. The guns would fall silent. We would hug ‘politicians’ because they are such silly duality specialists. You would see how much you depended on the fiction you had a “bad childhood,” which begs the question if ‘everything’ can only be more content in a dream. ‘Dad’

would love it once you stopped reacting dualistically to his charade to keep him in place as the source of all your suffering. Without duality, who exists to suffer? Why do people fight? They don’t! Dreamers fight to prolong the fiction people exist, and the defense of this fiction fills the dream with the horror of this long-playing parody. If intelligence exists, wouldn’t it make sense to recover the fact there is no one to be at odds with anyone and that keeping that parody in place will never make it so. Once a dreamer sees this clearly, the dependence on duality stops because truth is the context for the war we wage against truth. Mind authors the whole show, and ‘we,’ as dreamers, are free to see that this is a fixed fact, no matter what kind of racket we bring to our pet parody. How would you use ‘time’ in this dream if you were free to be what you are and can only be? Hate can’t change the facts, but it sure takes up a lot of time in this dream.

by: Dr. Gregory Tucker