Everyone is Eligible to Wake Up!

January 10th, 2011 by Greg Leave a reply »

For over thirty five years I operated as a traditional psychologist, defending our preferred rendition of reality, the one we work as a team to keep in place as “the truth,” and then one day a friend introduced me to the writings of Wei Wu Wei, who deconstructed Buddhism to locate the core message, a message that is 180 degrees out of phase with what we insist reality is.

This core message states that what we refer to a “reality’ is a dream in progress, featuring all the ways the dreamers in this dream dismiss truth as false in order to defend the lie they are ‘real people’ in this dream. In this light, there is no one to know who is dreaming this dream, and the dreamers in this dream have assigned many names to the dreamer of this dream, settling, perhaps, on the concept of mind, a vast intelligence that is the dreamer of this dream, such that nothing exits outside of this dream. The dream is what right now is, and it displays where all the dreamers in this dream are with that fact, somewhere between awake, and one with the truth, to deep in a trance, filling time dismissing truth in order to defend the fiction right now is real and not a

dream, and that all the dreamers in this dream are the people they insist they are.


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  1. Sam says:

    Duality pervades our world its patterns must reflect something very basic about life,mind, reality….choose your word. Seperation has its function in our dramatic universe. The Taoist phrase know the masculine but keep to the feminine could be know seperation but keep to oneness.Personal and transpersonal. Everything needs something to reveal itself. have you checked out Tim Freke’s writings or youtube vids?