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The dreamers in this dream, stuck in the fiction they are the people they insist they are, operate in a context of grudge, from some of the time to all of the time. Before you wake up, and mind still features you stuck in the lie right now is real, and not the dream mind is dreaming, you notice that the majority of the dreamers are angry, but amnesia successfully obscures the fact the dreamers in this dream are upset because they know, at some pre-conscious level of knowing, that nothing they do in the dream has any chance to prove they are the person they portray in

this dream.

The dream reveals that amnesia tries to obscure the fact truth is absolute so the dreamers in the dream can pursue the fiction something will eventually work to prove truth is false. Grudge provides indirect evidence that the dreamers know, in spite of amnesia’s efficiency, “the option to prove truth is false is zero.” What never changes is our status as dreamers in this dream. The dream dictates that we can’t modify or alter who or what we are one iota. Because truth is absolute, everyone is a dreamer in this dream, transparently displaying where they are with that fact, somewhere between acceptance and rejection, and all degrees of delusionality between these two extremes.


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  1. Personal Letters To You... says:


    It’s nice to find site like these and have possibility to learn about myself more…
    Many years passed until I accepted diagnosis. Now – I can’t undertake therapy because of many reasons – but I have to help myself alone – well, I will try – for my son. I know it meaby sounds a little funny – but now I have no other choice…
    And my dreams… Always were so real… Sometimes much more real than my real life…

    Meaby here I’ll learn more – well hope so.