Another Look at Suffering

May 12th, 2011 by Greg Leave a reply »

There is a lot of suffering in the world. You don’t have to look too far to see it. If you suffer, you wonder why it occupies such a huge part of your life. You wonder what it would take to make it go away. Most people medicate — and learn to live with it, facing good and bad days. One day we are up and the next day we are down. One day we are happy, and suddenly, inexplicably, we are unhappy. We write this off as “mood swings,” and dismiss if as a “chemical imbalance.” The truth is, we not only live with suffering, we don’t want to know what suffering is all about. We avoid looking at the origin of suffering because we suspect, or almost know, that the exploration of suffering will take us places we avoid like the plague.



  1. Bryan says:

    Ultimately, suffering is only an object in consciousness, You are the which is prior to any appearance, even consciousness. If this isn’t understood by your clients, the assumptions of progression and being good enough will keep going. Nothing is the enemy, even suffering, that is the paradox. Your being is whole and complete, and can’t be run from. You are who you are, naturally.

  2. Bruce Morrison says:

    Once a person comes to the fact – that duality does not exist – and seperation is false – Truth is realized. Yet, now what? Truth is what – and why is there Truth?still do not know – what the hell is going on here . Floating through space on this Big Blue Rock – why?Asking these question is not suffering – not asking them is – deadness. We can enjoy the ride – but why the ride – whose driving – and where the hell are we going? Can we stop to get ice cream? How everyone of us does not sit on the edge of the bed each morning and ask these question is a wonder to me.We go on as if we have it all figured out. Those who are confident that they have it all figured out – need to come see you Doc. – the ones wondering are o.k. :)

  3. Greg says:

    The problem is, so to peak, there is no one to ‘figure it out.’ The dream, which is always what ‘right now’ is, displays where the dreamers in the dream are with the fact that is what they are, usually featured defending the fiction the self is real to defend the fiction it belongs to a person. This dreamer called “reality” is what mind is dreaming, the seeing of which on the dreamers part, reveals that nothing ‘gong on’ includes people, only dreamers featured ‘playing the part of people.’ This is what makes this “The Main Event” in this dream. There are no people to ‘get’ anything; that’s not possible in a dream, which means the concept o “enlightenment” services the fiction people exist to ‘wake up,’ which is comedy in this mind generated charade. The dream includes the option for the dreamer to wake up in the dream when it realizes, sometimes very suddenly, that what wakes the dreamer up is the realization that ‘defending the lie the self is real’ can only be content in the dream, and has absolutely nothing to do with people. The dreamer is awake in the dream when it is flat with the fact nothing going on has ever had anything to do with people because right now is only the dream mind is dreaming. All events occur as events in the dream, including the dreamer treating events as event in a real reality. For example, there is no one to have a past if this is a dream. The dream features the dreamer shifting from the truth to the fiction in the dream to do personhood in the dream. The dreamer in the dream can’t do personhood believably in the dream without the fiction it had a real past, and what keeps story in place as real is that the dreamer had a ‘bad past.’ The fiction the dreamer is the person it is impersonating relies on the fiction story is proof the dreamer is a person, usually ‘ruined by its bad past.’ When a dreamer wakes up, it stops using its story to prolong the fiction it i a ‘damaged person’ because its clear all of that was only content in the dream. Our status as dreamers in this dream is constant; what changes is where we are in the dream with the fact tory, self and skit can alter our status in the dream. When the dreamer ‘sees’ this, it stops defending the fiction anything can prove it is a person, and it is liberated in the dream from that fiction.
    This is often referred to as “bliss,” which, not surprisingly, is still viewed as something a person gets to experience, almost as a reward for waking up. What I say to clients is, “you don’t have to believe a word of this (without reminding them prematurely that there is no one to believe anything), but can you just play with these ideas to see what impact it has on the quality of your life?” In many cases, this is sufficient to slow down the dreamer’s defense of the fiction it is a person, so we can play with the truth, dreamer to dreamer. This is when the fun begins, because suffering stems from dismissing truth as false to defend fiction as fact, and when the dreamer makes it okay to be what it is in the dream in progress, everything changes because filling time engaged in delusion is exhausting. Defending a fiction as a fact is a full time job in this dream. One step up from this delusion is to make it okay to own how mind dreams you defending the lie the self is real, with no notion there is anyone to do that. Nothing going on has ever had anything to do with people because, this being a dream, there is no one to be that. Who is upset, Bruce the person, or Bruce the dreamer who is featured stuck in the fiction he is a person? If no dreamer in this dream is, or fan prove it is, a person, it should come as no surprise that upset is standard fare in this dream. I used to work with upset people, and then I caught on I was working with dreamers who are upset because it’s not possible to prove truth is false.