Mind is All There IS

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Waking up happens in this dream exactly as fast as the dreamer in the dram shifts from the fiction it is a 'real person' having 'a real life' in a 'real reality,' to the possibility that everything is content in a huge, all inclusive, dream. If right now is nothing more substantial than the dream mind is dreaming, then the only 'thing' there is to study is how mind dreams this dream called “reality.” Psychology, through no fault of its own, is the epitome of duality, which is to be expected. Reality, they insist, is a people based phenomenon, featuring the origin of suffering in early life, the impact of trauma on our sense of well being, and what it takes to assist someone to 'get better.'

If right now is only a mind generated dream, and this turns out to be true, then Psychology is featured in the dream as one more defense of “The Master lie (TML),

that “reality” is real, and not a dream in progress, and that all 'the people' are the people they insist they are in this dream. If you examine this dream in depth, what part of it tries to reconnect you with the possibility that none of it is what dreamers, posing as people, insist it is, because they are in it defending what they insist it is, which is to be expected. “The Main Event” in this dream features “The Anti-truth Game” (TAG), or the sum of all the ways the dreamers in this dream defend “The Master Lie” (TML), that everything is exactly what it appears to be and the idea something called “mind” is dreaming this dream is treated as preposterous. Is this concept preposterous because it is preposterous, or does the dream feature us dismissing it as “preposterous” because if it is true, then nothing we refer to as “the truth” is the truth.



  1. Joseph Kadlec says:

    Hi Greg

    I am wondering about the status of reason in the architecture of Mind, in the dream? And are the last two terms synonymous? The fact that, “All is Mind, the Universe is Mental” (Kyballion) doesn’t quite imply a lack of reason, nor, for that matter, does the general take on the dream or dream process if you are using ‘dream’ in the common or garden sense.

    Thank you very much for your work.

  2. Steve Berg says:

    Via a logical and yet not accepted sequence of events. I, a born Jew, ‘woke’ from ‘reality’ shortly after working at the Dome of the Rock Jerusalem. (I headed a four man team of Roofing Leadworkers, laying 140 tonne of sheet lead to the lower roof slopes during the refurbishment in 1993/4.) So most would call it a religious experience, but then I see religion as mindless BS, I would simply call it an awakening. Only what lies behind religion is real, the rest is made up.
    Yes, the world is indeed an interactive fixed dream, ‘real’ only because you can’t escape it, well, you could take your own life, but then that action will cause complications; you will need additional experiences in ‘reality’ in order to then rebalance your abstract ‘soul’. So you can’t actually escape that way, you just make things worse! Indeed from one perspective, this is why we, as pure abstract consciousness, are metaphorically loaded into ‘reality programs’. The ‘programs’ are the format/premises in order to ‘do’ and in that ‘be’ and in that ‘experience/travel’. The analogy is maybe likened to water and ice. Water has no definition, but then if you freeze it you can create shapes from it, or a further analogy is that of deciding/agreeing to play soccer. You, who where doing nothing have now become a soccer player. Which means that you have to wear a uniform so the others know which way you are attacking, you can’t now handle the ball, and you have to stay within the boundaries of the pitch. The rules/limitations make for the game.
    Consciousness without a format premise is no thing.

    I’m not going to explain too much, the subject is far too big; I just want to point out a few holes in the opposing view that reality is a solid physical place:

    Banging your hand on a table doesn’t prove that you are ‘real’. Our experience of reality is best described via the example of the eye. Your eye is not a hole in your head that you peep out of. The eye is a bio camera connected to the brain via the optic nerve. Signals are sent to the brain/processor and then interpreted and viewed in the psyche, the minds eye, the exact same place you view your dreams!
    All of our experiences of ‘reality’ are the same, the interpretation of nerve signals, you never ever actually see, touch, taste, smell or hear anything in a physical way.
    Note the case here of phantom limbs, people can still feel pain or itching from a lost limb. You don’t need the limb, you just need the signal and also note that in ‘dreaming’ the mind can create its own signals.

    If all our minds were linked, we could create a shared dream called ‘reality’.

    Science knows that there is no finite indivisible particle. The appearance of matter is created via energy oscillating from positive to negative states at varying frequencies in order to create a differential. Energy is an abstract than needs to oscillate in order to create the appearance of defined mass, other than via this mechanism it can’t contain, create definition, a boundary. Therefore the blanket energy field must be one infinite mass. This has been shown via concepts such as particle entanglement but then the concept is actually quite simple to understand.
    Again the rough analogy is that of water, where when frozen it can create an icescape like at the poles, but then in truth the water is one ocean, a rough example because water is made up from hydrogen and oxygen molecules, which are in turn made of atoms and then quarks and then pure ‘energy’.
    So your arm and your car are in truth the same blanket energy field seemingly separate via oscillating at different frequencies.
    Therefore, if the universe seems to ‘contain’ conscious energy as in us, when in truth all energy is One, then how is the universe not itself conscious?

    The universe contains us?

    How so? The universe cannot have a logical physical boundary, even children know that! If there were an end to space, then what would be beyond the end? And remember that space is not nothing it’s space, you can’t know/see, nothing..

    So where are we? Not ‘in’ space!

    Space makes no sense from the physical view, but as ‘mind’ it can easily be achieved. Imagine the universe, well, all you managed to imagine is a large space that fades out at the edges, and you don’t worry about the edges because you don’t use them. If you try to imagine them, they get away from you, as far as you look/imagine, there will be endless space, a pointless exercise.

    How would a physical realm begin? Via a big bang from nothing? No thing comes from nothing as there is no thing, no action in nothingness in order to create/cause the bang. So nothing would remain nothing which then brings in the realisation that there must have always been something. How does this make sense?
    The analogy is again found in sleep. When you sleep you don’t recognise your existence, this because your mind reverts to its infinite nature and as the infinite can’t contain a boundary, it can’t manifest, be known. So sleep is unrecognized.
    Time-space ‘reality’ begins for you when you wake and this is the same for the cosmic mind, it too wakes and sleeps which then creates the appearance of a linear existence.
    From the infinite view the question of an origin is negated because from the infinite view nothing manifests, not even time, which is tide to space (time-space).
    From the infinite perspective everything just is, still and unobserved, indeed unobservable because observation requires consciousness and consciousness requires time-space as it’s a re-cognition of the minds eye, the view screen of the mind, by the observer of the mind that stands apart. (I think therefore I am.) And it requires time because it’s (re) cognition, a feed back loop, which takes time. So consciousness is indeed time space itself!

    Why would the above seem fantastic, impossible? Because you are sleeping. In dreams you may be in a shopping mall naked, looking for your car which is now for some reason a giant orange. It makes perfect sense to you; you methodically carry on with the task in hand. However when you wake you may think, ‘How stupid was I, trying to drive a piece of fruit?’, but then that’s the nature of dreaming, you accept the reality of the dream. So, you think the world is real because you are asleep!
    Remember the analogy of the soccer game. Before you start to play you can pick the ball up all you like, pick up the ball when the game has begun and it’s a penalty.
    You ego/character/sense of individuality will tell you that you know the world is ‘real’ but then your intellect will never agree…

    The above is just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more to know beyond the dream, when and if you are ever ready. Knowledge that can be explained but then you really have to see it for yourself in order to understand.
    You are presently dreaming what you need to dream, so that’s where your focus should lay. If you are beginning to wake then I hope the above clarifies some points and also know that if you are waking then you will be much like Galileo, placed under house arrest for saying that the world orbits the sun. ‘They’ will laugh at you, they are fast asleep. Like you were, remember!
    You can’t wake them, they will wake in their on time so don’t try it will just frustrate you. In fact some never wake, they simply reincarnate over and over in ‘reality’ they are the same mind, but then they play a different role in the,,,, ‘Game Of Death’!

    Religion? Wright and wrong, good and bad? A bad person can’t be good and visa-versa. A person can only be who they are, this is why religion is BS. We all play parts in the movie and in that interaction the abstract consciousness is known. All you can be is yourself, and everything dies (sleeps/forgets). There’s no point in kissing God’s humongous ass in the hope of going to some made up heaven/reward, that’s selfishness. You will live your own life/s (cycle) and that may or may not include a less limited experience beyond reality. At some point you will have your heaven, your joy, defined by your suffering, indeed for some joy is money, which then creates the suffering of others who later experience their own joy whatever that may be.
    And when you have ‘done it all’ to the linear max, you will ‘fall’ asleep cosmically, forget all that you are, so that you can do it all over again for the first time forever.
    This as the linear begins and ends and so it has to loop back in order to perpetuate.

    Be true to yourself it makes the journey easier!