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‘Waking up,’ like everything else, can only be an event in this dream mind is dreaming. There is no telling if and when mind will feature that taking place in the dream for you. In the absence of people, this being a dream, truth includes the annoying realization that it really doesn’t matter, since it doesn’t involve a person.

If ‘reality’ is the dream mind is dreaming, then ‘waking up,’ contrary to wishful thinking, can’t involve people, only the dreamers in the dream. A dreamer wakes up in this dream when the dream features it ‘waking up’ in this dream, and not because the dreamer, posing as a person, fills time ‘practicing enlightenment’ on a daily basis in the dream. When the dreamer wakes up in the dream, it realistically views all such practice as comedy in a charade. How can

‘waking up’ to the truth take place in reality if reality is the dream mind is dreaming?


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