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The Art of Personhood

August 15th, 2010

The dream features TAG, or all the ways mind features the dreamers creating duality to pretend they can prove nothing is content in the dream mind is dreaming. This is “The Grand Parody” because mind is dreaming the dreamers feigning defection from mind with the fiction duality is real. If mind is all there is, then there is no duality, only mind including this in “The Grand Parody” to feature how the dreamers fill time in the dream defending the fiction they are ‘real people’ having ‘real lives’ outside the dream mind is dreaming.

When waking up happens

in the dream, it is clear right now is the dream mind is dreaming, and that it features how the dreamers create duality to prove mind doesn’t exist, and right now is hardly what mind is dreaming. This is what makes this a parody: no dreamer in the dream is, or can prove it is, any kind of a person, no matter how much it feigns defection from mind. ‘Feigning defection from mind is “The Main Event” in this dream.

Truth becomes transparently obvious once you wake up in the dream. Every dreamer in this dream displays how much duality it creates to defend the fiction it is a real person and not a dreamer in the dream featured ‘trying to prove truth is false.’ Because right now is the dream mind is dreaming, “the option to prove truth is false is zero.” Every dreamer relies on the fiction its brand of duality will work to prove truth is false. Mind includes ‘amnesia’ in the dream so the dreamers can pretend they forgot truth is absolute. How could a dreamer in a dream ever hope to prove it is a person? That’s why time provides the venue for this parody.