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A Look at the Lie List – Part Three

February 16th, 2011

If it turns out to be true that ‘right now’ is, and can only be, the dream mind is dreaming, then the dream mind is dreaming provides the context for the dreamers in the dream to fill time ‘trying to prove truth is false.’ There is no duality if mind is all there is. Mind is dreaming ‘right now,’ featuring where all the dreamers in this dream are with that fact. If mind is all there is, then truth is absolute, and “The Main Event” features all the ways the dreamers fill time 1) dismissing truth as false, so they can fill time 2) playing the part of people.

When the dream features you ‘waking up’ in this dream, the shift is from the lie ‘right now’ is all about people, to the truth, ‘right now’ is all about what is required for the dreamers in this dream to drag out the fiction they are the people they portray in this dream. ‘Waking up’ puts a dreamer in the dream in touch with the truth: right now is the dream mind is dreaming. If truth is absolute, then ‘right now’ has never been anything more but more content in the dream mind is dreaming.