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Dialoguing with Richard Miller

October 29th, 2010

Richard Miller finds

himself in the dream acting as a coordinator of all things non dual. He interviews dreamers to explore where they are in the dream with the fact truth, aka “the non dual,” is absolute. You can go to his site on the web at where you get to listen to where everyone in the dream is with the fact it is one. What you encounter is where each dreamer is with the fact truth is absolute, and how they still fill time defending duality, or the fiction it’s possible to exist outside the dream mind is dreaming.

At low Duality, this is comedy, and as the defense of D expands, comedy turns into ‘tragedy.’ Since this site is dedicated to the non dual, you won’t run into too much ‘tragedy’ on this site. You will encounter dreamers doing degrees of ‘guru-itis,’ which is always fun, especially when they are awake enough to make fun of their own parody. Expect to listen to dreamers on the cusp of waking up. It is a wonderful site and I highly recommend it. Where else on the web can you listen to dreamers sharing snapshots of the absolute?