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If, as Wei Wu Wei says, right now is the dream mind is dreaming, and that is true, then “history” is what mind is dreaming in the context called 'time,' which, allegedly, began with “The Big Bang” some fifteen billion years ago. Mind hatched this dream with “The Big Bang,” featuring 'the unfolding universe' as the center piece in this dream. Without the creation of time, there is no space in which 'events' could unfold as “history.”

“The Recovery Process” is a dreamer to dreamer encounter in this dream. One of the two must be awake in the dream, or awake enough to discuss the dream objectively, in order to assist the “client” to identify how it treated events in the dream as if they were real events outside of the dream. If the dream is always what right now is, then the dream included the events the dreamer in the dream kept in place as not only 'real events,' but the events that damaged a real person. If “history” is the dream mind is dreaming, then the dream included those events, the dreamer in the dream, and the dreamer in the dream using those events in the dream to dismiss truth by pretending it can be replaced with the fiction a real person was damaged by real events.


Wei Wu Wei says, repeatedly, it's an all or nothing proposition: either the dream is always what right now is, and 'everything' is content in the dream, or nothing is content in a dream. Waking up features the dreamer in the dream retrieving how it keeps old, usually negative, events in the dream real to use reiterated suffering to anchor the fiction a real someone has a real self, and reiterated suffering is sufficient to prolong this fiction in the dream. The so-called “pain body” is what a dreamer in this dream relies on to defend the fiction a real person is 'damaged.' If right now is only a mind generated dream, then there is no one to be anything, including 'damaged.' The lie the self is real depends on the lie reiterated 'bad feelings' are sufficient to prove someone has a 'damaged self.' If this is a dream, and there are no people, only dreamers featured defending the fiction they are people, usually with reiterated suffering, then waking up can occur when a dreamer identifies how it converted “negative events” in the dream into the story it occupies that it was damaged by real events in reality.



  1. Doc says:

    Here’s my struggle: If right now is mind that is dreaming, then there is no one to be damaged. There is also no one to be happy, no one to be okay… I see a focus on how the dream hinges on suffering. Perhaps one would think that ‘waking up’ in the dream would be a ‘good’ thing, but one can’t really wake up because there’s no one, and it can’t be ‘good’ because it’s nothing. But hey, it can’t be bad because it’s not real. I do feel that these concepts are dependent upon one another, but every time the concept of no-self is discussed, it is romanticized. This persuades toward getting rid of old baggage (the past) and achieving this freedom – this ‘awakening’ that is ‘good,’ simply because it’s the absence of the damage, of suffering. This cannot be the case, because realizing there is no one to experience sorrow is the same as realizing there is no one to experience joy.

  2. Drew says:

    You make a great point, and I too have struggled to get my head around this at times.

    What I’ve learned to do (i.e., that which helps me) is to stay focused on what is “real”, understanding that what “I” define as “real” is that which is eternal.
    The only thing eternal is love…the pure energy of creative potential, which at its core essence is divine love.

    Thus, in order for that which is all there is (God, The Universe, First Source, “The All That is”, or whatever you want to call it) to experience pure love and eternal, infinite joyful bliss, then the paradox is that it must experience that which it is not (e.g., death, limitation, lack, fear, sorrow, etc).

    It is by staying vigilantly attuned and centered on the knowing of who and what one is, that the spectrum of duality can be modified/tempered/regulated, if you will.

    In other words, you, me, we all–ARE GOD. We (God/First Source) elect the experience of individuation (separation and dualism) in order to create the illusion that enables certain experiences.
    …One example is the experience of being human on the 3D Earth plane, involving linear time and communicating with each other via the medium of internet posts–about the very anatomy of consciousness itself.

    –Talk about examining the inside-out of it all! :)

    I had a “dream” as I slept last night. Actually, I had several, and they all seemed very real. As real as “waking life” as I type this.

    It caused me to ask: “how was that dream last night any less real than my “wakened” awareness and experience this morning. –And why can’t I dream a different dream while awake, so that my experience is more like the travels and experiences in my sleeping “dream'”?

    I read a couple of articles and came upon this website for the very first time. I then read Dr. Greg’s articles and was happy at how they echoed the principles of A Course In Miracles, which is something I’ve been studying for ten years now.

    I do not yet have the full answer for the question that I seek to fulfill this day, but it will come to me as I continue to dream the solution–and an infinite number of potential outcomes, all of which are “right”, so long as I interpret them within the context of The Whole.