The D Scale

May 20th, 2011 by Greg Leave a reply »

What resides on the other side of amnesia is the fact reality is the dream mind is dreaming, featuring everything ‘going on’ as content in this dream. Once seen, it is clear ‘everything’ can only be content in this mind generated dream. Reality displays where every dreamer in this dream falls on “The D Scale,” in which D stands for duality. At zero D, the dream features the dreamer ‘awake in the dream,’ or flat with the fact nothing going on has anything to do with people because that’s not possible if right now can only be a mind generated dream.

Once it’s clear right now is only a mind generated dream, all the dreamers in this dream are transparent: each one displays how much it depends on duality to defend the lie separation from mind is possible. Mind is dreaming a charade featuring the dreamers defending the fiction duality will work to prove the dreamers are real people, having real lives outside the dream mind is dreaming. If mind is unitary and absolute, then mind features the dreamers relying on the fiction duality will prove defection from mind is possible. This charade mind is dreaming requires the fiction duality is real to give this charade longevity.


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