The Default Setting

June 9th, 2011 by Greg Leave a reply »

If it’s true right now is the dream mind is dreaming, and there are no people, only dreamers

in the dream relying on duality to defend the fiction they are people, then every dreamer, on close inspection, relies on “The Default Setting” to sustain the fiction it is a person in this dream.

“The Default Setting,” which, in the name of brevity we can refer to as TDS, is what the dreamer reverts to in the dream to prolong the fiction the self is real. No dreamer in this dream can defend the fiction it is a ‘real person’ without relying on the fiction the self it invented is real. This is “The Dreamer’s Dilemma” in this dream. If the self can only exist as a concept in this dream, then how can any dreamer in this dream successfully defend the fiction it is the person it portrays in this dream? Obviously, mind makes it possible for the dreamers in this dream to drag out the defense of “The Master Lie” (that right now is real not a dream) with the fiction the self is real.


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  1. David Vardu says:

    I think you summarized The Default Setting quite elegantly in the line “Almost no one wants to know that the dream includes the dreamers defending TDS with the fiction suffering is proof people exist. Our motto in this charade is “I suffer, therefore I am (a real person with a damaged self.)”. For much of the article I had to regress and ask what does this TDS represent again? Oh yeah, the dreamer’s idea that it’s a ‘real’ self in a ‘real’ world. It’s interesting that ‘waking up’ in the so called ‘primary dream’ doesn’t change the appearance of the dream though the sensation becomes much more like lucid dreaming does in the dreamer’s secondary dream. What was once a sense of motion (the idea that one was a real person moving within a real world) now becomes an experience closer to stillness as if one is apparently moving yet simultaneously aware that it’s merely dreaming of movement. Very tactile, clear, yet dream-like. I can’t help thinking acting and any form of work in the service industry, essentially role play in which the dreamer is able to play the part of servant can’t hurt in opening the dreamer’s ‘eyes’ to the comedy we call life. Any dreamer who has consciously played a role which can be referred to as demeaning rarely ignores the absurdity we choose to call reality. And if ignored that dreamer will more than likely fall into a state of negativity, self pity, virtually all the makings of what you referred to as the charade of suffering as a separate entity. Upstairs/ Downstairs…..As the World Turns. The soap opera we call our lives.