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Duality fills reality with suffering because the most effective defense for the fiction the self is real, is suffering. If the self doesn’t exist, and reality provides the setting in which the dreamers in this dream defend the fiction it does exist, then suffering is the price the dreamer pays for defending a fiction as if it is a fact. If anything is ‘astonishing’ in this dream, it is how much suffering the dreamer is willing to endure in defense of the lie the self will prove it is a ‘real person’ in this dream. In the extreme, obviously, ‘we’ are willing to die for the lie the self is real. Defending the lie the self is real is “The Main Event” in this dream.

If everything can only be content in this dream, then defending the lie the self is real defines how the dreamers fill time in the dream. Once this comes into focus, you are awake enough to observe the connection between degree of duality, determination to prove the self is real, and degree of suffering. In my work, I get to witness the full range of duality, from almost none, to the total commitment to the fiction it is real. The more the dreamer defends the lie the

self is real, the more it suffers. Suffering goes with defending the lie the self is separate from everyone and everything. If is is true, ONENESS is the truth, then there is no such thing as separation, and the defense of a fiction as a fact shows up as suffering.


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