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In the dim light of dawn, better than fifteen years ago, I sat stunned by what I read in Wei Wu Wei's book, “Open Secret.” As a Psychologist, my level of upset made it clear what I read was profound. In retrospect, it is clear consciousness is superficially divisible into what the truth is, and what we defend as the truth. Truth seems to reside

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in the 'unconscious' part of consciousness, and kept out of sight and out of mind via amnesia. Truth exists, and amnesia tries to dismiss it be

cause it always threatens to remind us that what we defend as 'the truth' resides in the conscious part of consciousness.

Time displays how amnesia works, more or less successfully, to reject truth as false, so we can defend what we want truth to be. Because we can only obscure truth with amnesia, it contradicts everything we defend as the truth. The fiction we defend as “the truth” is false, and what we reject as false is the truth. We live, in other words, at the mercy of truth, always threatening to come out of hiding to remind us that nothing is what we insist it is.

The disparity between the two can be as much as 180 degrees out of phase, which is sufficient to explain what makes us anxious and insecure. Fear provides indirect proof that 'we know,' at some pre-conscious level, that what we defend as the truth is a lie. In this sense, insecurity makes perfect sense: truth bleeds through amnesia to remind us that the conclusions that run our life are understandably fragile. Reality, in this light, displays how we live a lie as if it is the truth. The stance we assume in life is always at risk. Our collective amnesia defines the box we occupy. The box we occupy is always under siege because as long as we dismiss truth as false, we are impostors. Reality is the setting in which we impostor who we insist we are to dismiss the truth of who we are. We live a double life, and it can be argued that every problem we endure stems from 'living a double life,' as if that's not




  1. andrew says:

    Do you find that people “get” this based upon the logical force of your explanation, without any meditation-type states? Also, is the change quite sudden, or do you see a gradual and slow “recovery process” with definite stages that are similar for everybody you work with? Once a person has “awakened,” are there any problems post-awakening, such as recovering memories from other lives, conflict with family members who are astounded by the idea that consciousness is all, or people simply losing interest in making money and becoming hermit flute-players? That last question is actually the one that interests me most.

  2. Greg says:

    TRP includes forms of meditation and mantras that travel with where you are right now with the truth. It’s important to get it, dreamers meditate to find relief from
    the bondage of pretending to be people. Meditation could reveal there are no people to meditate, but only with a thunder clap of insight.

  3. pantler says:

    oftentimes i like to pretend i’m a person reading words written by other people. then i realise i’m reading words i wrote to myself, reality goes all ‘mystic’ for 5 minutes, then i go play another fool’s game.

  4. Rut from Switzerland says:

    No, dear Andrew, you won’t become a hermit flute-player. Life will go on as before but somehow easier and with an everyday’s laughter on your mouth.

    I love your running short words from 4 and more hours ago, dear Greg. Can one print them out for I am not so quick in English and would like to study and laugh about!

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  6. Geoff says:

    I’ve been reading some of Wei Wu Wei’s work (though not a while book, I’m yet to find a retailer with them, I may buy off of the internet soon) from wherever I can and I’m feeling a similar way as you described when you first read ‘Open Secret’. I do wonder though, how do you respond when asked “Who are you?” or are asked to introduce yourself?
    PS. Do you have a facebook? I have many questions for one more experienced in such trains of thought (excuse the phrasing, the english language doesn’t always accommodate Wei Wu Wei’s concepts practically!).

  7. Greg says:

    Amazon sells all eight of Wei Wu Wei’s books.