What's The Problem?

October 15th, 2010 by Greg Leave a reply »

Waking up occurs in the dream when it does, exactly. It occurs when a dreamer in the dream, for whatever reason, unexpectedly realizes right now is a dream; it is being dreamed by mind, and it features, as “The Main Event,” TAG, or “The Anti-truth Game,” displaying all the ways the dreamers try, unsuccessfully, to prove they are people. If, as Wei Wu Wei reminds us, that right now is the dream mind is dreaming, then no dreamer in this dream can prove it is a person, no matter how it fills time trying to implement that outcome.

The goal of “The Recovery Process,” is to assist dreamers to wake up in this dream by identifying how they fill time trying to prove they are people, as if it's possible to have a life outside the dream. Truth is absolute: right now is the dream mind is dreaming, and it features, as “The Main Event,” dreamers 'trying unsuccessfully to prove they are people.' As consciousness contracts, amnesia obscures truth so the dreamers can pursue the fiction it's possible to prove they are people. As TAG expands, the dreamers display no memory for the truth. They display

no insight into the source of their stress and frustration. In this dream, the vast majority of the dreamers are firmly entrenched in the fiction they are the people they portray in this dream. This isn't obvious until you see how you fill time trying to defend “The Master Lie,” that right now is real and not a dream. When truth snaps into view, it is startling because what you see is the intensity of the dreamers's addiction to the fiction they can prove they are people. As the intensity increases, the dreamer's defense of the fiction it is the person it insists it is, becomes alarming. The logic of a dreamer playing the part of someone who is 'paranoid,' for example, is a case in point.


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